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A look at my journey on building a SDK for Decentralized and Distributed computing projects

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This is my experience on working on a new internet. This project was created in order to support a new internet. One that is more open, free, and censorship-resistant in comparison to the old internet. An internet that eventually wouldn't need to rely on telecom towers, an outdated grid, or all these other "old school" forms of tech. We believe P2P compatibility is an important part of the future of the net. Grid Computing also plays a role in having a better means of transferring information in a speedy, more cost-efficient and reliable manner.

Welcome, to my Hackaday page. I am going to be talking to you about my journey on working towards creating an Internet 2.0 if you will. This page is currently under construction and is constantly going to be updated.

I started with the release of my crypto startup and a whitepaper for what was known as Lonero. This quickly over time pivoted and grew, and now I decided it is good for documentation to start talking about some history and the journey that I am going through in decentralizing the web.

Week #1:

We hosted a full LNR node and mined on a Raspberry Pi using a test walled address. It did do some hashing but had a few stratum errors to show full stats. Working on ARM architecture support. If this is just beta, imagine what the future holds! via

Using a test walled address. It did do some hashing but had a few stratum errors to show full stats. Working on ARM architecture support. If this is just bet...

Week #4

This is a snippet taken from a grant application @gamer456148 did a long time ago... via

... via

By the 4th week, protocol research for hardware based decentralized P2P communications was actively being developed.

Week #5

Lonero has plans on hitting the hardware market, stay tuned via and

via and

By the 5th week, I started promoting the idea of a blockchain development board for wireless communications, but was just trying to see if interest was being garnished. (This later became something)

Week #9

While we didn't get enough subscribers to fully release ChainBoard just yet, we are still doing lots of open source hardware things until our "release". Also Lonero is doing many cool things in the background and working on further supporting not just its protocols, but liberty, decentralization, and freedom. via

Week #9, we have started talking openly about our "ChainBoard concept" while working on the R & D in a makerspace. Currently was just trying to garnish subscribers.

Week #17

We have some huge updates coming soon including: -Updated Technology, -Ledger Decentralization & Server Software, -First Variation Release, and a technological P2P protocol. Technology will be rolled out slowly throughout 2019 via

We have been working on ledger protocols, server side software, and slowly releasing beta during the months prior. Development has been sort of slow.

Week #27

I have been actively working on expanding our protocols, seed node migration and started experimentation with "internet balloons" as well as having fun with my ChainBoard design. Many stuff is mostly still in beta, and the past ten weeks been very busy.

Week #29

We are releasing the beta version of our OS :)

Beta version of the Lonero operating system was released in support of decentralization. This lead to new milestones needing to be met development and usage-wise.

Week #36

Quick updates :) 1) We are collaboratively working w/ Stark Drones on Lonero OS 2) We will start introducing a series of applications hosted on or powered by Lonero's OS 3) This includes a proposal for a "HIPPA Compliant Hardware Cryptography Key" for Hospital Networks 4) Outside of this, we are working collaboratively on a Decentralized File Transfer Protocol as well w/ the Stark Drones Corporation via &

Started researching ways to utilize this software more collaboratively and to expand

Week #38 

Coming soon, we are working on the release of LonScript: A Theoretical, Hybrid GPL for High Performance Computing

A Theoretical, Hybrid GPL for High Performance Computing.

Announcing that I am working on a new programming language for researchers and distributed computing enthusiasts

Week #39

Spoke at my local Maker Faire...

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The Offline Web Pitch Deck v1.pdf

First version of the pitch deck to introduce people to the basics.

Adobe Portable Document Format - 3.54 MB - 06/04/2020 at 04:19



Biostatistical computing / bioinformatics preprint

Adobe Portable Document Format - 466.92 kB - 05/27/2020 at 22:40



Biostatistical computing preprint

Adobe Portable Document Format - 94.21 kB - 05/27/2020 at 22:39


Cryptography Paper.pdf

Cryptography paper that was a preprint

Adobe Portable Document Format - 135.93 kB - 05/27/2020 at 22:38


  • 1 × TMP102 Digital Temp Sensor w/ SMBus & Two-Wire Serial Interface Texas Instruments Part: ChainBoard
  • 1 × RF-LORA-915SO Lora Transciever Module: ChainBoard
  • 1 × RM191-SM-01 - LORA+BLUETOOTH MOD, 902-928MHZ Laird Bluetooth combo module in ChainBoard components list
  • 1 × Microchip Atwilc3000-mr110ca Smartconnect module for ChainBoard
  • 1 × CP2103 Classic USB to UART Bridge - Silicon Labs USB to UART Brige on ChainBoard design parts list

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  • A Quick Note

    Andrew Kamal06/13/2020 at 22:54 0 comments

    Hey, just a reminder we have currently setup a small communities page via Locals, that we may chat a bit on. Also stuff is in the works, and OpenCollective still needs to be updated. We have lots of plans moving forward the next few month, and bigger fish to fry/stuff in store.

  • Quick Update + Working Towards the Future!

    Andrew Kamal06/01/2020 at 04:59 0 comments

    Recently besides the r/Lonero subreddit I have, I have also created a new subreddit known as r/offlineweb. This is to engage more w/ the community. I have also been actively involved on Reddit to promote various topics related to the Decentralized Internet, free speech and the future of the web. I'm working to engage with tech communities in every way I can. We have very specific goals development-wise.

  • The Censorship Feedback Loop

    Andrew Kamal05/29/2020 at 19:22 0 comments

    Recently, the government came out wanting to "intervene with big tech censorship", in their own way by watering down CDA 230 and an executive order that allows for more rules and regulations. The fact is that government intervention is basically taking away the content moderation powers from the tech companies and giving them to the government. In the long run, it will backfire in unexpected ways. The real way to get rid of censorship isn't by more laws and regulations. That's never anti-censorship. The actual true ways of getting rid of censorship, is using technologies like my project or joining networks like Gab, Minds, Locals, Ello, BitTube, Steemit, Locals, and maybe even Mastodon. Maybe I am wrong, maybe the new actions in place can help. Only time will tell. At least it opens up the question. I love how free speech enthusiast and tech entrepreneur Andrew Torba phrases it, "In a free country a corporation should be free to be biased".

  • Today I was reminded why this tech is needed

    Andrew Kamal05/29/2020 at 19:13 1 comment

    A recent incident happened today when I asked a critical question to an editorial group regarding a post they put out that might need further planning. This is the simplest way I am going to word it. The group which shall not be named (I don't want to publicly call out or point fingers), was a group that I was a part of. Instead of responding to the critical question that was presented in a curious, respectful manner, I was removed from the group immediately. This concerns me on the basis that it is a group that claims to be a beacon of promoting free speech. They immediately censored me just for asking a critical question. It reminded me that regardless of what side of the political spectrum we are in, we need things like a Decentralized Internet to flourish. The limitation of ideas is a limitation of intellectual diversity.

  • Covid19 Mostly Ruined Speaking Engagements this Year

    Andrew Kamal05/28/2020 at 10:55 0 comments

    This year I was going to speak at the Detroit Startup Week. When Covid19 hit, they asked if speakers and event organizers wanted a virtual presentation slot as the event was moved to online.  I opted out. Even though most speaking engagements I video for an online audience anyways, not physically being at events like these sort of ruins it for me. You remove the charisma of speaking, networking and seeing what is going on in your local community. If I were them, I would do the exact same thing or cancel the event all together. It is just a bummer events like these got canceled as speaking on stage again would have been another great marketing opportunity to answer questions directly, and really present my Decentralized Internet on a spotlight. However, this is only a minor setback I face. I am extremely thankful for the healthcare workers during these tough times. There are those who are really struggling, and self-awareness allows me to be put back in my place and remember all the things I have. The other event I was hoping to speak at this year was a local Marker Faire, which also got canceled. That means my two planned speaking engagements of the year got canceled as a result of this virus. The upside though is this gives me extra time for doing more things in order to be an advocate of my software. That being staid, stay safe folks! I'm not gonna get too political but I will leave it at saying remember to practice common sense.

  • Why I started this

    Andrew Kamal05/27/2020 at 22:42 0 comments

    Since 2011, I have been involved in the Blockchain world and with cryptocurrencies. This is from knowing early on about Bitcoin, to being involved with a variety of different crypto startups such as BitToken, WeCrypto, CrowdCoin, BlockStarLabs, EtherStone, HopePay, MatchPay, StartHub Messenger, and side projects such as CrowdWave, CrowdToken, and DigitalCPR's Blockchain Accelerator. What fascinated me about Bitcoin early on was the decentralization aspect to it. I believed "POW" could represent free markets electronically and that centralized cryptocurrencies had no use-cases besides the digitization aspect of it. Infact, I believed that the greatest benefit to centralized currencies were given to the creators of said "currency". That being said, I have been working on a project under my blockchain startup Lonero to further promote decentralization. The project which I been actively working on is a library and SDK for building decentralized and distributed computing projects. Something that I believe is the decentralized internet, in which you can have interconnected peers processing data and transmitting information without a centralized entity. True, others are competing in this space. I and many other blockchain orgs, startups, and engineers are actively building projects for the new internet in hopes of further promoting the principals of privacy and freedom. We want a truly free and open internet.

    Read full blog post here

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  • 1

    One way to get started is by installing the SDK. Let us start by running:

    npm install decentralized-internet
  • 2
    cd into the module
    $ cd node_modules
    $ cd decentralized-internet
    $ ls
  • 3
    Look at the components

    Now, multiple folders are setup for routing, but the easiest folder to cd into for looking at the components is addon so:

    $ cd addon
    $ ls

    Now you can see there are four main components to this project:

    • CluserPost
    • GridBee
    • LNRChain
    • Reinvent the Internet

    Those are the core folder/component names of what we will be looking at.

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