Covid19 Mostly Ruined Speaking Engagements this Year

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Andrew KamalAndrew Kamal 05/28/2020 at 10:550 Comments

This year I was going to speak at the Detroit Startup Week. When Covid19 hit, they asked if speakers and event organizers wanted a virtual presentation slot as the event was moved to online.  I opted out. Even though most speaking engagements I video for an online audience anyways, not physically being at events like these sort of ruins it for me. You remove the charisma of speaking, networking and seeing what is going on in your local community. If I were them, I would do the exact same thing or cancel the event all together. It is just a bummer events like these got canceled as speaking on stage again would have been another great marketing opportunity to answer questions directly, and really present my Decentralized Internet on a spotlight. However, this is only a minor setback I face. I am extremely thankful for the healthcare workers during these tough times. There are those who are really struggling, and self-awareness allows me to be put back in my place and remember all the things I have. The other event I was hoping to speak at this year was a local Marker Faire, which also got canceled. That means my two planned speaking engagements of the year got canceled as a result of this virus. The upside though is this gives me extra time for doing more things in order to be an advocate of my software. That being staid, stay safe folks! I'm not gonna get too political but I will leave it at saying remember to practice common sense.