This is a 100% Open Source Concept

A project log for SALEM - Construction 3D Printing

Suspended Additive Layer Extrusion Manufacturing - 3D Printing extremely large multi-storey structures.

jon.knuttonjon.knutton 06/01/2020 at 22:280 Comments

I have been working on this project for about 2 years now and have spent perhaps 2000 hours so far developing it. My goal is to either find investment to move onto the second of 4 phases of development (details in the proposal in the files section) or to put this in front of companies or individuals that could adopt the technology and continue development. What is ultimately important to me is that this idea is used, so I have chosen to make it 100% free and open source for anyone and everyone to replicate (including for profit) if they wish. 

I am currently patent pending (see files) so please contact me if you are intending to use this idea and would like written permission for legal reasons. If you would like to help me to continue my own development of this concept please get in touch at or send me a message on my site Cloud Beacon.

I am a Project Manager and Aerospace Engineer by trade. In my last role (which I left in sept last year to pursue this) I was responsible for managing a portfolio of $1-200M worth of Experimental TurboFan Jet Turbine projects