Smart Fridge on AWS IoT

Make the life much easy.

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Smart Fridge on AWS IoT can make the life much easy.

1. Description of Smart Fridge

Fridge can be the most important invention among all home facilities, keep food fresh. This smart fridge can trace the temperature sensor and energy consumption, all data is synchronized on AWS IoT for better supervision and better control.

There shall be e Input for the Control board of,

  • Analogue Input of Inner temperature of Fridge, and Outer Temperature of environment,
  • Analogue Input of Voltage of Power, and Current Value of Power


  • Digital On/Off of Fridge, LED Indicators, and Inner Lighting

The best part is cloud endpoint servie by AWS IoT, all the data shall be put into the cloud for smart sensing with built-in Deep-learning training and inference mechnism.

The WiFi and Bluetooth connection make it perfect for Cloud end service as of AWS IoT , the hardware part runs as AWS things with strong backend support like AWS SNS or AWS DL engine if more functions shall be added later.

2. The hardware and the progress 

2.1 Core hardware shall be  Cypress PSoC® 6 Dev Kit PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT)  which is best fit into the scenary and I am lucky to get the board and carry out the design process.  I am familiar with PSoC Dev Kit and that is amazing design especially for touch-sensing and analogue I/O, but during the process , there are some fault on the board, the Dev Kit PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit can not connected with the computer. 

With cypress programmer 3.0, the fault detail shows that the core voltage is not enough.

Polling of target PSoC 6 Wi-Fi BT Pioneer kit fails.  

I could not figure out how to fix it. I would miss the deadline of submission. But I would continue this project with another board I have just bought afterward. And describ how far I have gone in this design process.

My new board,

2.2 I have created AWS IoT things and connected as log described below. The AWS IoT monitor can show recent links 

AWS things works like mqtt service, the contend in text format and can be parsed into 

"Temperature , Voltage ,Current  and Switch On/Off status".

3. The Fridge part are driven by 12V DC transistor cooling pad, it can generate cooling and heating when voltage applied. The On Off is controlled by relays, controlled by Digital Output of PSoC board.

The cooling pad fixed on one insulation box  to make the smart fridge works.

4. Coding

I have tried with mbed.os and Modus IDE. It appears that Modus IDE is much easy to use.

Coding is bases on AWS FreeRTOS capsense, which make the design logic clear.

The tasks start on freeRTOS demeon Scheduler, and configurated on function

RunApplication() , as listed below,

int RunApplication(bool awsIotMqttMode,
                   const char * pIdentifier,
                   void * pNetworkServerInfo,
                   void * pNetworkCredentialInfo,
                   const IotNetworkInterface_t * pNetworkInterface )
    /* Create the queues. See the respective data-types for details of queue
     * contents
    led_command_data_q  = xQueueCreate(SINGLE_ELEMENT_QUEUE,
    capsense_command_q  = xQueueCreate(SINGLE_ELEMENT_QUEUE,

    /* Topics used as both topic filters and topic names in this demo. */
    const char * pTopics[ TOPIC_FILTER_COUNT ] =

    /* Length of topic names as per pTopics array */
    const uint16_t pTopicsSize[ TOPIC_FILTER_COUNT ] =

    /* Initialize the MQTT library required for this demo. */

    /* Establish a new MQTT connection. */
    EstablishMqttConnection( awsIotMqttMode,
                             &mqtt_connection );

    /* Add the topic filter subscriptions used in this demo. */
    ModifySubscriptions( mqtt_connection,
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  • Gotta change new board

    F. Yao08/20/2020 at 07:47 0 comments

    It is great to work with CY8Kit-062-pioneer kit. But there have problems download last week.

    With Cypress Program 3.0 , the reason is clear. The core voltage drops, reset is shorted continuously.

    What a frustration. 

    I have to replace one Prototype Board and continue the work, try to catch the deadline.

  • AWS setup and configuration

    F. Yao07/10/2020 at 10:28 0 comments

    Here is the steps,

    1. Sign into AWS account,

    2. create IAM , With Create User->Create group->

    3. Sign in to the AWS IoT console, to Creating AWS IoT things,

    3.1 Choose Register a thing->Create a single thing:"SmartFridge"

    3.2 Create certificate->Download the certificate, private key, and root CA->Activate

    3.3 Create a policy with iot:Connect ,iot:Publish Action,

    3.4 Attaching an AWS IoT Core policy to a certificate and attach a certificate to the thing.

    4 Configurate the Device with the MQTT client, the AWS IoT Device SDKs

    Refer to configuration devices

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