AWS setup and configuration

A project log for Smart Fridge on AWS IoT

Make the life much easy.

F. YaoF. Yao 07/10/2020 at 10:280 Comments

Here is the steps,

1. Sign into AWS account,

2. create IAM , With Create User->Create group->

3. Sign in to the AWS IoT console, to Creating AWS IoT things,

3.1 Choose Register a thing->Create a single thing:"SmartFridge"

3.2 Create certificate->Download the certificate, private key, and root CA->Activate

3.3 Create a policy with iot:Connect ,iot:Publish Action,

3.4 Attaching an AWS IoT Core policy to a certificate and attach a certificate to the thing.

4 Configurate the Device with the MQTT client, the AWS IoT Device SDKs

Refer to configuration devices