Customizable IoT In-Home Sensors

Build multi-sensor pods that can be placed around the home and easily programmed through an app.

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I want to build small pods that contain a basic array of sensors such as a photodiode, thermistor, encoder, camera, etc. and connect over WiFi. The pod can be easily placed around a house, warehouse, or other building and be used for small useful tasks like checking the temperature of an area, detecting motion, checking water level of a pool or sink (if it can be waterproofed), or even possibly recognizing basic objects like packages on a doorstep. The pods will connect over WiFi to something like an Amazon Lambda pub/sub program that then connects to the user's app on their phone. From the app, the user can set alerts with a simple GUI that will tell the pods to notify the app on certain events such as reaching a specific temperature, a specific degree of rotation, detection of motion, etc. The goal is to allow users to easily integrate basic IoT functions into their homes without being constrained to expensive, specialized IoT smart devices. (Please see file)


Responses to questions from the Phase 1 Submission section.

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