The H7 series is the latest high-performance ARM microprocessor of ST company, while STM32H750VBT6 is the most cost-effective one in the H7 product line. It has all the features of the H7 series, such as cortex-m7 kernel, 400Mhz main frequency, 1MB distributed SRAM, 16K instruction and data cache.128KB zero wait for Flash and so on, and the price is reasonable, best  for high-performance embedded application development.

STM32H750VB Schematic

For PCB sample manufacture, JLCPCB provide 5pcs PCB sample by $2 within 2 days.

The sample picture as below;

Also, JLCPCB Provide the SMT service, start from $7,now they are sending $7 for new customers,means, you can do SMT service totally free.Unfortunatly, they can do only SMD parts, the DIP parts have to be installed by ourselves.

The finished PCB board with components.