Autonomous grass cutting rover

building an autonomous solar powered all-terrain rover with embedded grass trimmer

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the rover will be built with custom aluminium chassis and embed a custom grass cutting system and powered from custom battery pack + solar panel.

Motion drive characteristics

  • 4WD made of monster truck RC wheels
  • 4 12V DC motor, 180RPM , high torque 27kg/cm,  6A max current => 24A max
  • 125mm diameter Wheels

Power characteristics

  • 190Wh battery pack self made from 18650 cells: pack configuration 3SP5, voltage 11.1V
  • 18V 20W Solar Panel
  • MPPT solar charge controller
  • BMS protection circuit with 24A continuous

Grass cutting system

  • 775 12V DC motor, 10 000 RPM, 10A max current
  • equipped with custom grass trimmer


  • custom aluminium chassis 


Rover will have monitoring capabilities and  embed some additional tools

  • wifi + 3G communications for remote monitoring purpose
  • gps for rover autonomous move
  • camera
  • multipurpose sensors

Overall power characteristics + statistics

  • load: 4 motors @6A max + 775 DC motor 10A max => 34A max
  • supply: 3s5p battery pack with 3450mAh 18650 cells rated 8A discharge => 17Ah capacity,  40A max discharge rate
  • charge: 20W max. solar panel to power ~200Wh battery pack => full charge in 10h on optimal conditions
  • expected operating time on full charge: 1h => 17Ah (10Ah for cutting system, 7Ah for motion drive)

Measurement, monitored data

  • battery level, wattage, 
  • position
  • images from embedded camera


  • basic movements
  • position order
  • camera pan/tilt
  • cutting height adjustment (manual or motorized)
  • cutting position control (if robot arm is adopted)

  • Solar + pack

    Etienne M05/15/2020 at 19:01 0 comments

    After receiving solar panel, I wanted to test it.

    As you can see in optimal condition, with multimeter I measured a current of 1.03A. Voltage being 20V it confirm 20W rating. working as expected!

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