With the closing down of industries and business in major cities across the world, millions have been rendered jobless. These people having nowhere to go either indulge in unsocial activities, explaining the increase in robberies post lockdown or find it more feasible to  take up subsistence farming in rural areas. This is true for most developing nations. With massive de-urbanisation, there is a dearth of essential service agents like watchmen, delivery agents, construction workers, janitors etc. in  cities. A guard`s added responsibility is selective entry to campus, maintenance of social distancing and warding of people without masks. Law enforcement agencies are unable to deal with the rising number of roberries as they are already busy enforcing social distancing and associated activities.

I propose a network of autonomous guards at offices, warehouses, houses and retail outlets that are connected to the AWS cloud that detect among other things intruders and send notifications directly to law enforcement agencies.
The guards also double up as fire detectors and in such an event send notifications directly to a webservice that uses AWS IoT Events to directly notify the nearest fire-station over the cloud eliminating the associated delay with such processes. 
During office hours these nodes take on a different avatar by taking imagery data from CCTV cameras and -
- Allowing only recognised vehicles and people entry into campus
- Alarming a breach in social distancing'
- Alerting inmates if anyone without a mask on enters the campus
- Sanitising people and vehicles before granting access
They also perform other functions like regulating the air conditioner according to the environmental conditions in the office
Currently, there are solutions for all these but they require manual intervention.

The nodes would be based on the Cypress PSoC 6 Pioneer kit. A smoke detector module, a carbon dioxide detector and a network of PIR motion sensors would be placed at various strategic locations to detect intruders. The display shield accompanying the kit would would serve as temperature data input. The data from all these sensors is constantly monitored and sent to the cloud over the building`s WiFi network. 
The air-conditioning in the room is regulated based on input from the temperature sensor and the CO2 sensor. When PIR motion sensors sense movement or when the smoke detector detects any smoke, an interrupt triggers the PSoC kit, which sends an SOS MQTT message over LoRa to the nearest police-station or fire-station with the pre-assigned address of the node. 
During daytime camera data from a USB CCTV camera would be processed using the TensorFlow Lite library on an ESP32 development board that interface via serial communication with the PSoC board. People without masks are not allowed entry.
Persons would be required to enter a particular pattern on the CapSense sliding switch to gain access to the compound. Every employee would be assigned a different passcode. The screen shows instructions to the people entering about the sanitising procedure. On entry, the PSoC 6 Pioneer kit controls a solenoid valve to shower sanitiser on the pathway for a pre-defined time thus keeping the campus virus-free.
The nodes are based on AWS IoT Greengrass and communicate amongst each other so that if one node loses intenet connection, the others ensure that the data is not lost. The logged data regarding the cars and people who entered the office, the temperature, the CO2 levels are stored onto AWS DynamoDB. Also, notifications are issued using AWS IoT Events which then sends MQTT messages to a webservice based on Node-Red which then sends text messages to staff at police stations or fire-stations and office executives, shop-owners etc..


- Cypress PSoC 6 WiFi/BT Pioneer kit
- USB camera
- ESP32 development board
- PIR motion sensors
- Smoke detector module
- Carbon dioxide sensor...

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