A project log for 350KG RC TANK - PROGRAM : CHAROGNARD

Design and construction of a 350KG (700lbs) RC TANK, from scratch

rc-ordnanceRC ORDNANCE 11/14/2020 at 21:360 Comments


I will be using the torsion bar concept : This is a very compact and low maintainance suspension system.

I wil try to make an adjustable system, since I don't know the exact weight of the finished tank. It can also be useful to modify the initial strain to change the suspension behaviour if needed.

The locking assembly will allow to modify the initial strain of the suspension
A lot of holes to drill again...
... and to tap !
11 more to go !
The suspension blocks will be screwed to their mounts...
... and the mounts welde to the bottom plate
I also welded U shaped profils to prevent the plate to bend too much under the torsion strain
well, welding DOES induce strains from heating...
1300MP high strengh spring steel will be used for the torsion bars
The torsion bar pivots inside bushings