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A project log for Hotrod Ender 5's for the hackerspace.

Build log of 2 new 3D printers for Heatsync Labs hackerspace (

cprossucprossu 09/02/2020 at 21:410 Comments

After noting some problems that could be fixed with limiting the air coming down from the heatbreak fan, and other issues that could be helped out with more even cooling, I printed blower/fan parts coolers for both printers in

Again that's from , and if thingiverse implodes (like it has a tendency to do), you can grab the file out of the project files on the hackaday page for these printers.

Remove the two lower allen head screws holding the blower assembly for the blower shroud, and mind the blower cover, it likes to pop off! Remove the stock blower shroud at the bottom.

Put the new blower shroud on. There's a clip on the back of the new shroud, make sure it lines up with the back end of the metal cover or it will go on uneven and you'll not be very happy needing to unbolt it again for another try!

Admire your handiwork, look for any low or uneven spots, and make sure it all fits as you intend it to.

Dang that looks good!