Laser cutting a 91 cells board.

A project log for Interactive Cell Board game

An electronic board game with magnetic piece detection and illuminated cells.

Abel RodriguezAbel Rodriguez 01/19/2021 at 19:370 Comments

I've made a laser cut prototype of the board. It's the led diffuser an the top face of the board. I will start to a 91 cells board, due it fits well in a A4 sheet and I could make a single PCB with all the electronics. This will help to develop the software, later it could be escalated to bigger boards with more cells and grouping cells to simpler pcbs interconnected.

This design will be a single board with all the sensors and leds. The microcontroller will have an usb connector to manage it from the raspberry or other system.

I've cut also what will be the interface to the board, a little oled screen and some buttons to select and navigate the boardgame cells. This interface will be connected directly to the Raspberry Zero

Also I've been busy making the schematics, now It's time to component placing and start to route the pcb.

I will add later the schematics when are finished.