Navisys - An Automated Guided Wheelchair

Automated Guided Wheelchair to Improve Accessibility in Modern Buildings

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Differently abled, elderly or the people with cerebral palsy find it more difficult to control their conventional hand operated wheelchairs. They might need a help of an attendant to do their work at hospitals, supermarkets, offices etc. Main objective of this project is to enhance the accessibility in modern buildings.

An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that follows markers or wires in the floor, or uses vision or lasers. This Automated Guided Wheelchair uses guide tape tracking technology to approach the destination.

This wheelchair consists of two operating methods. It can be operated by either a main control centre or the remote provided to the user. User has only to enter the destination, and then the wheelchair automatically guides the user to the desired location. If the user unable to provide the destination, main control centre can feed the destination. This feature will help when using this system in a hospital.

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