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M10CUBE (M10 in short) is a modular controller box with cube dimensions 10x10x10cm. Raspberry bus will be used for the first incarnation.

VASILIS VORRIASVASILIS VORRIAS 10/08/2020 at 10:500 Comments

Development and fabrication of M10SE01-01 stopped in favor of M10SE02-01
Some serious issues discovered during building in Breadboard an experimental version of M10SE01-01 circuit and that was:
1- UART0:RXD and UART0:TXD pins can not be used and better remain only for programming the ESP32 MINIKIT.
Having one UART less we decided to remove RS485 communication. The RS485 idea was to connect other M10SE01 modules distant apart for sensing the near by environment. Since that is not possible any more an I2C solution  was adapted using the ideas taken from a Sparkfun design. The 2 RJ45 connectors remaining in hope to daisy chain from one board to the other the 2 differential I2C signals.
Design and testing among others in progress before sending board for fabrication

Digital MEMS microphone for sound level metering