A project log for M10CUBE

M10CUBE (M10 in short) is a modular controller box with cube dimensions 10x10x10cm. Raspberry bus will be used for the first incarnation.

VASILIS VORRIASVASILIS VORRIAS 01/25/2021 at 16:460 Comments

This is for developing and TESTING purposes for M10SENSOR board. Part of M10CUBE project.

Not for production ready. Modify it as you like. Use it as an inspiration as well.
It is only to show the concept to use many sub-modules on board.
It is our first attempt to make a test firmware for the many sub modules (Sensors, LoRa, GPS, etc) of m10sensor board.

A word of notice:

we are on a redesign phase of the m10sensor board. Hardware may differ in the new board but the core of firmware done will remain the same. The way it is structured in separate header files will help everyone to delete and add any new hardware.

Enjoy it.