Results: Body Powered Exoskeleton Glove

A project log for Wearable, Soft Robotic Exoskeleton Gloves

The New Dexterity / Open Bionics wearable, affordable, soft exogloves are bionic devices for rehabilitation and human augmentation.

New DexterityNew Dexterity 07/06/2020 at 00:210 Comments

The experiment focused on wearing the devices to evaluate the grasping performance for different everyday objects. The goal of these tests was to verify if the subject was capable of executing different grasping tasks and handle the objects as a healthy individual. When the device is locked in a position of grasping, it is possible to grasp and retain the object without difficulties due to the constant force applied by the differential in the body-powered device. In order to evaluate the amount of force exerted by the devices, two different grasping types were used: the pinch grasp and the power grasp. A Biopac MP36 data acquisition unit (Biopac Systems, Inc., Goleta, California) was used with the SS25LA dynamometer to measure the forces exerted in each scenario. The maximum force obtained for the pinch grasp and power grasp configurations were 8.2 N and 11.6 N, respectively. These pinch and power grasp forces are enough to execute most of the activities of daily living.

The video below demonstrates the operation of the Body Powered Exoskeleton Glove: