Add-on: Water

A project log for Modular add-ons for the CalEarth Dome Homes

People living in dome homes require modular add-ons which provide solutions for connectivity, water, power harvesting, lighting, and heating

Neil K. SheridanNeil K. Sheridan 05/19/2020 at 19:320 Comments

What should comprise the water add-on?

Since there is unlikely to be a water grid, I would envisage the water add-on would comprise rain-water harvesting. This would include collection (i.e. from the roof of structures) -> filtering macro-particles -> micro-particles -> UV/chemical to remove bacteria/viruses/protozoa -> storage.

Q. Does each home need to process gray water? E.g. from washing dishes, showers.

Q. Does each home need to process wastewater from toilets?