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A project log for [2020] ROS bluetooth controller [prototype]

This is a ESP32 dev kit v1 bluetooth based controller that can be used with ROS, its rechargeable, has buttons, joystick and 9 dof IMU.

Maximiliano RojasMaximiliano Rojas 05/28/2020 at 16:120 Comments

The idea was that the controller must be ease to program, for that I used Arduino (full program available in the files section), so here are an explanation of the parts of the code that I considered more useful to understand and, of course, a general review of all the code.

The first part are de libraries used:

By default ros in the ros serial examples the TX/RX in the IC handle the nodes connections, but is possible to change that defining a new class and using it in the ros::NodeHandle declaration:

The function that fill the variables with data is:

The last part is:

So that's all, if you have any question just ask in the comments.