Speech commands #2

A project log for Open Personal Assistant Robotic Platform

Voice-controlled assistant robot to keep you company

Erik KnutssonErik Knutsson 07/12/2020 at 17:580 Comments

I have continued working on more features for the voice assistant. Also i have been doing some work on improving the follow mode which i tried combining in this test. Turned out pretty cool! You can see it's much faster than the first video on the follow mode in the projects description. I can still do some improvements on the speed though, but i think i need to improve the hardware to be able to run the predictions for the object detection faster. So i think i will do this either by switching out the Raspberry Pi with a Nvidia Jetson Nano computer or using an accelerator like Coral. I would like to try and experiment a bit with a Jetson Nano, but im leaning more towards the accelerator right now since it would be cheaper and i don't have to transfer everything to the Jetson Nano which could possibly be alot of work.