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Voice-controlled assistant robot to keep you company

Erik KnutssonErik Knutsson 12/28/2020 at 12:000 Comments

It's been a while since i last posted an update. A combination of having a lot to do at work, starting my own side business and moving to a new city have made the progress a lot slower. But a few things have happened since the last update that i thought i would share for now.

So in the last video I installed the Jetson nano to the robot and now I got it pretty much up and running so the robot can again recognize objects and follow me around. I would say that I got the desired results, the machine vision is much faster on the Jetson nano and is much more suitable for the robot. 

The second thing i did was to replace the speakers, the old ones were really to big, didn't look good and didn't even sound that good. So i got a hold of a pair of smaller speakers with much better sound. I printed new cases for them and attached them lower to the ground so they don't stick out as much as the old ones. 

I got some video material on all of this and hope to get it out as soon as i have the time!