Getting closer

A project log for yet another dactyl build

Because key wells are swell.

kristina panoskristina panos 06/22/2020 at 22:420 Comments

Okay, so I've got half of the switches lubed and sprung, and I still need to open about 25 more switches and part them out into my ice cube tray. 

I had bought a set of blank white PBT keycaps from the Bezos Barn for doing some artisan keycap experiments. Since they feel so nice and are only $21, I bought another set in black so I can combine the two and checkerboard everything but the thumb clusters. I went to order blank purple PBT 'caps from PMK for the thumb clusters, but they aren't taking new orders until July 1st. There's probably no way I will have this keeb ready for 'caps by then anyway. 

And since I hate to post an update without a picture: