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a sub-$50 PAPR using fab tools

DmytroDmytro 10/17/2020 at 11:270 Comments

For the last two months we've been busy assembling the units, getting feedback and refining the details.

A major turnpoint was to scrap our diy head straps and use welding mask headgear instead. The problem was that you can't easily adjust the fit while wearing a mask, and the straps were not rigid enough to hold the shape while fitting.

The headgear both has a convenient adjustment knob, and is rigid enough. We've managed to source them locally for less than $2 a piece.

We've also iterated on the design of the adaptor for the hose, to make a reliable quick-release connection. We've tried 3d printing a bayonet mount, adapting various garden hardware  and even considered injection molding, but none of that is cheap or simple to replicate.

A knobbed hose clamp is both cheap and secure so we'll call it good enough for now.

We've successfully finished a crowdfunding campaign to provide a total of 150 units to hospitals in Ukraine. We expect other makers and businesses to embark on the initiative once we receive eough feedback and release the source files and instructions (which we're struggling to finish now).

Keep safe everyone and don't hesitate to contact if you have any questions or feedback.