The PS21964-4S is a 600V, 15A, short pin double in line (DIP) intelligent power module. This module are intellectual power modules that assimilate power devices, drivers and protection circuitry in an ultra-compact dual in line (DIP) transfer mold compendium for use in dynamic small three phase motors .Usage of fifth time IGBTs, DIP packaging, and submission explicit HVICs license the contrive to decrease inverter magnitude and all things painstaking structure period.

Major points in this module are:

  • 6-Pac circuit confirmation
  • Reduced Rth
  • Direction connection to CPU

Core parameters of IPM module are:

  • Supply voltage
  • Control Supply voltage
  • Control supply variation
  • Allowable r.m.s current
  • Vnc variation

Basic Working of IGBTs module in machine:

DIP-IPMs are intellectual power components that assimilate authority devices, motorists, and defense electrical system in an ultra-compact dual-in-line transfer-mold compendium for use in heavy small three phase motors. Upper leg of IGBTs is drive circuit , high voltage high speed level shifting, control supply under voltage and Lower leg IGBTs is also drive circuit, control supply voltage protection but lower leg take control on short circuit in any machine like refrigeration , small motor control etc. it is also process the fault signal in machines. Their input interference is very high in motors. Figure below show the basic circuit diagram of module.

Typical IGBTs application circuit:


  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Small Servo Motors
  • Small Motor Control