The Challenge

The PICKit2 programmer is not supported in MPLAB-X IDE, and, many new PICs are not supported by MPLAB-IPE programming  - this means using a new programmer.

Typically the following parts are impacted in terms of new PICS

  • 16(L)F15xxx
  • 16(L)F18xxx
  • 16(L)F19xxx
  • 18(L)FxxK40
  • 18(L)FxxK42
  • 18(L)FxxK83
  • 18(L)FxxQ10
  • 18(L)FxxQ43

And, the PICKit2 programmer is not a selectable programmer within MPLAB-X IDE or MPLAB-X IPE


Use a PICKit2 programmer within MPLAB-X to program the PICs

The Solution

Integrate within MPLAB-X IDE the PICKit2 programmer.  We need to:

  • Ensure the integration is easy
  • Ensure no complex firmware changes are required
  • Leverages the current investment in PICKit2 programmers
  • Support clone PICkit2 programmers


Using the stock MPLAB-IDE make two changes in your project and when you build the project the PICKit2 programmer will be called.

The video shows how to program a 18F24k42 to flash an LED.  It shows:

1. Creation and editing of MPLAB-X project to flash Porta.0
2. Configure MPLAB-X project to use PICKit2 programmer
3. Also shows a PICkit3 programmer being used