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Setting up the WBQUAD

christoph-tackChristoph Tack 06/07/2020 at 18:471 Comment

Speed comparison SSH versus VPN


Setting up a VPN-server is notoriously hard, so there are some scripts like openvpn-install and pivpn to help you out.

More details here and here.

To be able to connect to the VPN remotely, you need:

  1. assign a static IP to your VPN-server
  2. setup an account with a dynamic DNS provider (e.g.
  3. open a port in your router and forward it to your VPN-server.


carsten1410 wrote 10/01/2023 at 09:21 point

If you need a simple VPN out of the box you could also try This also works through any firewall and you do not need a dynamic DNS. In addition, you can do much of the configuration with it. 2 devices are free, so it might work for many projects. Testing can be done virtually in docker: - disclaimer: I am one of the founders, so please remove comment if not appropriate.

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