3 Phase Inverter module               

The PS21267-AP from Mitsubishi is a 3-phase AC inverter that integrates six high-performance Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) and control hardware into a single, low cost, and innovative Dual Inline Package Intelligent Power Module (DIP-IPM).

The IGBTs have a low on-voltage drop  of 1.5V, and maximum collector-emitter voltage of 600V. Each IGBT within the module can withstand a continuous collector current of 30A, with a peak rating of 60A for 1ms. The control circuitry contains multiple fault detectors, as well as a current sensor for short circuit protection. The PS21267-AP module can operate in temperature conditions from -20 to 100 °C. 

Additionally, a heat sink can be easily attached to the DIP-IPM package using the mounting holes. Furthermore, with good thermally conductive grease, a maximum junction to case thermal resistance of 1.80 °C/W (per transistor) can be achieved. 

The PS21267-AP is ideal for small motor control (100-200VAC). 

These motors can be found in cooling fans, kitchen appliances and water pumps. The module’s compactness allows for a low footprint solution to motor control PCB design.