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Open Source Universal Weller RT Soldering Station with Tweezers support

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Soldering station compatible with Weller RT tips (12V 45W+ and more!!!), custom developed, perfect for SMD work :). Tips supported: RT Micro/Pico/Ultra and SMD tweezers.
Portable, compact, performant, plain simple!!!

Universal Soldering station compatible with Weller RT tips

Tips supported:

  • RT Micro
  • RT Pico
  • RT Ultra
  • SMD tweezers

Main features:

  • Two independent channels
  • 1.8" TFT full color LCD
  • Hardware mosfet support more than 10A continuous!! (repetitive peaks of more than 50A)
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Compatible with Weller RT1
  • Open source
  • Fully Programmable (temperatures 150-450C, preset temperatures, power limitation to use various power supplies), also serial interface and source code available.
  • Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) functionality
  • Runs on standard external 12V power adapter (voltage range 7-24V), with also duty cycle limitation (allows to use smaller power supplies)
  • Can run also on batteries (7-24V) with Under Voltage Lock Out (perfect for Lipo batteries!

Source code is developed based on Arduino. Full source code and manual are available in GitLab ( Source code and manual )

The case is designed to be 3D printed, two parts in a single print with no support (PLA, PETG, ABS, what you like). For a fast print it is possible to use a 0.3mm layer height (a complete case print can be done in less than 2h at 60mm/s).

Electronics are designed to be one side SMD and with as few through home components as possible.

Underneath the TFT there is the microcontroller (AtMega 32U4) and auxiliary electronics.

SMD Tweezers:

The major challenge in creating the SMD tweezers (really really amazing for SMDs) was to find the mating connector for the original Weller replacement.

After finding the correct rare connector, it was rather easy to identify the resistive elements connections and TC connections.  

The simple version of the SMD tweezers, uses a single channel of the soldering station (by drivign the resistive elements in parallel). In this way a single soldering station can handle a soldering iron and a set of SMD tweezers (in picture the simple ugly white case for the SMD tweezers V1).

And some improvements to the tweezers holder. The design had to be based on three 3d printed parts

- two compose the outer case

- one parts allows mounting the receptacle connector and easy soldering of the wires

Future updates:
- Improve PID controller response
- Complete compatibility for soldering tweezers (V1.4)
- Maybe include compatibility with C245 JBC iron-cartridges (secret work in progress...)

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  • 1 × PCB assembled (with buttons, TFT, switch and encoder)
  • 1 × Case TOP (3d print)
  • 1 × Case BOTTOM (3d print)
  • 1 × 4 plastic screws (3.2*8mm)
  • 1 × 2.1*5.5mm 12-24V power supply (min 3A, suggested 12V)

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  • Software V1.3 and future updates

    Riccardo Pittini05/25/2020 at 07:44 0 comments

    Software revision reached V1.3, main features:

    - Programmable temperatures

    - Duty cycle limitation (to use various power supply rating) programmable via menu

    - Under Voltage Lock Out for lipo battery protection programmable via menu

    Future implementations:

    - Small updated on UVLO implementation (mostly graphical)

    - Channel tracking implementation

    - More ideas? :)

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tom wrote 06/06/2020 at 22:28 point

Where I find PCB files (gerber,nc drill)?

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Riccardo Pittini wrote 06/09/2020 at 06:36 point

Hi unfortunately I don't have access to the PCB software anymore (changed company) as I developed the project about a year ago (HW) and finished the software only recently. In the next months, I am learning Kicad in the free time and I will try to publish the design with Kicad files.

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tom wrote 06/09/2020 at 07:03 point

OK, fine :)

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