PCB production and Component sourcing

A project log for KNX Raspberry Pi HAT

A HAT to easily interface a Raspberry Pi with a KNX bus.

tijl-schepensTijl Schepens 05/23/2020 at 10:140 Comments

I don't have much experience with PCB manufacturers. The only manufacturer I've used in the past is Eurocircuits. However for hobby projects they are really expensive. So I looked for other alternatives.

One popular and cheap PCB manufacturer I came by is JLCPCB. It is a Chinese manufacturer which also does PCB assembly. I've looked at their assembly service, but they can only use components they have in stock and it's rather expensive for my taste.
After two weeks the PCB and the stencil arrived. The quality of both were looking really good!

For the components I looked at Mouser. They deliver free for order over 50 euros in Europe. As I was ordering soldering paste and flux also it was fairly easy to go over 50 euro.
For some specific components I got some samples from Wurth Elektronik for which I am really thankful!