Magnetar - A friendly Smart Mirror

A smart mirror based on Vue, with the goal of simplifying the build and usage of a smart mirror.

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Smart mirrors are nothing new but are not yet accessible to most people!

This inaccessibility is mainly down to initial cost of the screen and raspberry pi but also from a technical aspect. Although very powerful and awesome projects such as MagicMirror exist, they are not easy to use or set up for less technically experienced users.

Basic Aims

Develop a software base that can be used in traditional smart mirrors eg: rasberry pi based, but is designed with inexpensive tablets in mind such as the fire tablets from amazon. Having this simplified hardware means a touch-friendly framework 

User friendly set-up and use of the mirror in terms of widget configuration, placement and interaction.

Magnetar Alpha v0.12 For the latest version please check the GitHub repository

x-zip-compressed - 830.36 kB - 06/01/2020 at 10:35


  • 1 × Fire HD 10 7th gen
  • 1 × A3 3mm Acrylic sheet
  • 1 × One way Mirror/Privacy Film

  • IT LIVES!!!!

    james.ashford06/01/2020 at 10:21 0 comments

    As it stands I have a very basic application that I am testing.


    Modules can be moved, resized, added and removed.

    Also functionality for settings handling and state managment.

    In Progress:

    ability to have thirdparty widgets added at runtime.

    Boilerplating for widget development.

    Having multiple pages and screen auto on off using time setting (ie mirror off at night.)

    Next in line:

    More basic modules,

    refined experience

    electron app and spa publication

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