When I bought my LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 set around 6+ years ago, I knew I wanted to make big things. Sadly, once I got it and went online to see what others have built, they all used multiple sets and endless extra LEGO parts. 

Being the imaginative person, I believed I could combine the looks of Johnny 5 and most of the features. I've never watched the movie before (and still haven't!), so I searched online for images of the famed robot. 

While my version of Johnny 5 is overly simple, and not as functional as other Johnny 5-inspired LEGO projects out there, I believe I got the looks right.

Functionality-wise, it can drive around, react to color and touch. It also has some sense of distance with the ultrasonic sensor on its motorized head. The arms are posable, but not powered. Since the NXT Brick is Bluetooth enabled, I used a Android tablet to control its motors. 

After about a year of playing around with it (more like sitting on my desk as I try to build other LEGO projects with the remaining pieces,) I took it apart and moved on to build real electronics and robots.

Sufficient to say, this was one of my favorite projects. Hope this project inspires others to build something big, even with very limited resources!