Introducing the Fire Fly UVC Air Tunnel 

Your Silent , Powerful, Ali against Viruses, Bacteria other airborne VOCs. 

With the political and health climate today, we need to be aware of how we deal with pathogens. The ways germs and bacteria are transmitted are touching surfaces, air borne contamination and bodily contact transfer. The Air Tunnel heads off the most difficult kind of transmission for disease to avoid. This technology should be used in every place multiple people interact for overall public and personal health. Air Tunnels can be place around the home as individuals or stacked to double or triple capacity in large rooms where any conventional air filter would struggle to handle the air volume.

Features of Interest

- 99.9 % of Airborne Viral and Bacterial bodies destroyed.

- Destroys VOCs in the air with high energy photonic reactions

- High flow capability to sanitize a large volume of air in a short time duration

- Silent modes of operation even when sanitizing more than 50 cu ft per min.

- Color options including RGB LEDS for those who want to change up the lights or are tired of the ice blue glow

-Stack able modular design reduces the changes needed to go from a single Air Tunnel Unit to 2 , 3 or more in order to meet the volume needs of the room being disinfected.

What Air Tunnel is is NOT

- The Air Tunnel primary purpose is not an air filter purifier. Though the Air Tunnel does have a MERV 13 air filter media capturing particles as small as .3 microns, This is the same filtration standard as N95 Masks,  the primary purpose is to keep stagnant air moving through the sterilization chamber. Air Tunnel design avoids multiple heavy layers of filtration media both for reduction in cost and improved function of the glow chambers cyclonic action