Moving a Mountain... with a Lion?

A project log for Zakhar the Robot

A companion for your cats and dogs.

andrei-gramakovAndrei Gramakov 09/14/2023 at 21:470 Comments

This project is really heavy. It grew organically and need a revamp to be manageable and fun.

I started a new project to entertain myself and to kick this one, It is called LeOn. LeOn is a simple robotic toy for cats, but it supposes to contribute to Zakhar. Main features of the LeOn project:

🔷 Architecture-oriented 

🔷 Result-oriented and minimalistic

🔷 Integration-oriented

🔷 Reusable in my other projects

All features are supposed to accumulate best practices and solutions, so they can be integrated to Zakhar back. Consider it a mini prototype 🙂