From Arduino to Atmel Studio 7

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dannyvandenheuveldannyvandenheuvel 05/29/2020 at 10:320 Comments
I am transferring all source from Arduino to Atmel Studio 7, many more possibilities to debug and stabilizing the software.
On mega 2560 I use JTAG connection with Atmel debugger hardware.
Connections are,
6 = reset pin (Do not know if it is needed)
4=5VDC pin
10=GND pin

1=A4 pin
5=A5 pin
3=A6 pin
9=A7 pin

first plug Atmel debugger in SPI (6pin connector) and select FUSE to JTAG, then power of and make selection as above.

Warning! if you do this changes boot loader will not work anymore, you still can fix this again with Atmel studio.
So when debugging mega board you have to do these changes.
If you want to fix boot loader again you have to download hex boot loader file from Arduino site and have to burn it
with de SPI connector from within Atmel Studio software.

The reason to work with Atmel Studio, medical equipment needs to be undertaken that software is bullet proof , so debugging is very important, also some of the libraries needed to be fix with some small glitches.