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Connected ECG monitoring and reporting system

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Remote ECG monitoring systems will soon be commonplace medical devices for remote and long term physiological monitoring, especially for that of the elderly and frail patients.

1.  PSoC 6 BLE device to read and send raw ECG sensor data over Bluetooth 

2. Xamarin Mobile application for edge and gateway

3. Cloud real-time processing, data storage and exchange 

  • 1 × Cypress PSoC 6 Pioneer development kit
  • 1 × AD8232 ECG Measurement Module Kit Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits / Misc. Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits

  • Device Repo

    MyTeletouch06/07/2020 at 17:28 0 comments

    So, first weekend id over. I've learned about PSoC6 basics, made some experiments and created initial repository for the device.

    first commit

  • Step One - The device

    MyTeletouch06/05/2020 at 04:23 0 comments

    This weekend I plan to modify PSoC 6 example CE222004_PSoC6_BLE_MultiSlave to read and broadcast over custom characteristic AD8232 ECG Sensor Module data.

  • Day 1

    MyTeletouch05/29/2020 at 03:56 0 comments

    Let's start with a simple plan for a prototype

    1. Make a device from the things in my box

    2. Create initial Xamarin mobile BLE app and repo

    3. Create Azure or AWS service to handle data (.NET Core service hosted in Azure)  

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