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A project log for LED Stand Lighting - Sound Reactive - ESP8266

Sender/Receiver LED Sound Reactive Light Stands ESP8266 Arduino (No longer using a SP107E)

Ron O'SullivanRon O'Sullivan 07/13/2020 at 10:140 Comments

Reading the data from the SP107E has proven extremely difficult. The coding side is a little outside my current capabilities.

I have continued with the project but back to how I was originally building it. I have updated it slightly by using a 16x2 LCD display and creating a menu system to change pattern, brightness, speed and fade, and added an encoder for selection.

I have used many patterns from the examples for FastLED. I have used Fire2012 by Mark Kriegsman but with code modifications to make it sound reactive (the brightness and the height the flames go based on volume, its a great effect with the right song). I have used many of Marks patterns, including Pride2015, which I prefer over the Rainbow patterns.

I tried to include some matrix patterns as these provide a nice split effect to the upright LED tape, but struggled to make it work. Again, my limited coding experience didn't help here. I also tried to use FFT and FHT but these are not very compatible with ESP8266 D1 Mini boards.

I will post some more pictures of the finished product.