Breadboard Data Logger Prototype

A project log for BoatDetect

detect, log, and analyze boat traffic

john-opsahlJohn Opsahl 06/28/2020 at 21:450 Comments

I completed a BoatDetect breadboard data logger prototype with all the major functional features. It includes a real-time clock module, SD card module, and an Arduino Nano. 

At a high level, the system repeats this sequence of events during operation:

  1. the Nano enters sleep mode
  2. the real-time clock module wakes up the Nano after a configurable amount of time
  3. the Nano reads an analog input pin
  4. the Nano writes the timestamp and analog input value to a file on the SD card
  5. repeat steps 1 to 4

The sleep/wake up strategy reduces the power consumed by the Nano. 

I plan to implement a few more power reduction strategies in the coming weeks:

Overall, I am very pleased with how this prototype operates and excited by it's simplicity. I was able to get everything wired and working in a little over three hours. I leaned heavily on the Arduino data logger designs that others have posted online.