Working Towards a Proof-of-concept Prototype

A project log for BoatDetect

detect, log, and analyze boat traffic

john-opsahlJohn Opsahl 08/14/2020 at 18:550 Comments

The current detection strategy for the BoatDetect device is make-or-break on the assumption that boats are the loudest sound source at unique frequencies in an aquatic environment. The proof-of-concept prototype that I am working towards is meant to collect the audio data needed to either validate or invalidate this assumption. If invalidated, it is possible that an alternative strategy for boat detection could be developed from the test data. 

The proof-of-concept prototype is simply a piezoelectric diaphragm connected to a battery powered audio recorder. All in a buoyant waterproof enclosure. The current plan is to start recording, place the device in the water, and drive an recreational motor boat by the device at different distances. Then collect the device and analyze the sound data. Getting data at different distances will help determine at what distances the motor boat remains louder than the ambient noise and can be detected by the device.

Current plan for the buoyant waterproof enclosure is to simply wrap pool noodles around a 3in PVC pipe.