BoatDetect Use Cases

A project log for BoatDetect

detect, log, and analyze boat traffic

john-opsahlJohn Opsahl 09/04/2020 at 15:220 Comments

The new capabilities that BoatDetect offers are valuable for wide range of applications.

Boarder enforcement of vast ocean areas. BoatDetect devices deployed along the perimeter of vast ocean areas such as marine protection areas can be used to identify when and where boat encroachment occurs. Agencies can use this information to develop more efficient enforcement boarder enforcement strategies.

Measure boat activity levels in waterways. Similar to road tubes used to count traffic on a roadway, BoatDetect can be used to measure the level of boat activity in a waterway. Knowing which waterways are experiencing the highest level of boat traffic can help governments plan and implement infrastructure improvements more efficiently.

Measure boat activity levels near shorelines. When deployed near a shoreline, BoatDetect can help predict if and when boats are being used to access a stretch of shoreline. Public and private shoreline property owners can use shoreline boat activity information to develop infrastructure that either discourages or better manages boat access to the shorelines.

Correlate changes in an environment with boat activity levels. BoatDetect can provide quantitative measures of boat traffic for biologists and conservationists. With this information, they can better answer questions like "Does boat traffic near shoreline during turtle nesting seasons influence turtle population outcomes?" and "At what boat activity levels does significant shoreline erosion begin to occur?"