This watches uses VFD indicator tubes. In the world, only a few countries (GDR, JAPAN and USSR) produced vacuum indicators. USSR starting to produce indicators for military needs in 1968.  In those days, the whole world dreamed of flying into space. Space race was in full swing. These indicators are not simple in design, but very reliable in operation and resistant to various kinds of overloads. VFD tubes were used in nuclear industry, tanks, armored vehicles, and even in space shuttles! Do not believe? look at these engineering decisions of the era of the USSR:   

   We have revived this technology in our watches. Our products are very technological inside. We spent a lot of time for developing prototypes and and development of production technology. 

 VFD indicators need three types of power for proper operation. Power for the filament, power for the anode and segments. It was very difficult to fit everything into such a small format of watches and make this technology autonomous enough so you don’t charge the watch every day. We tested prototypes with multiple overloads to check the reliability of electronics and tubes. 

 More than 20 different prototypes of watches were assembled. The first prototypes just burned after a minute of use, and very quickly discharged. But e we came to success! In our watches we use only new indicator lamps to achieve uniformity and beauty of the glow. We use only old military supplies.


   Space Watch use two IV-6 tubes to display the time and two IV-15 tubes to display seconds and AM\PM. The case is made of an aluminum alloy, which is used in the aerospace industry.  We use CNC milling to make each case. After we polish or anodize the case, depending on the color. The watch has a high-quality sapphire glass.    

   Specifically for our VFD watches we develop technology of soft start. This means that at any level of battery charge, the lamps will light up softly and beautifully, which will allow to maintain the health of the lamps for a long time. It also looks very beautiful. For maximum enjoyment, we added segment animations at the click of a button and battery percentage at the hold of a button. There is also and a date in the watch too. Watches are available in 12-hour format and in 24-hour format. The watch has two charge indicators, red on when the watch is charging and green when it is fully charged. It looks very pretty.    


  Cyber Watch use very large and bright VFD tube IVL 2-7\5 to display the time.  Despite this, we were able to make them as thin as possible. Case thickness is only 11.5mm. The design is very futuristic and not ordinary, the lamp goes beyond the edges of the body and it is awesome!  

  We needed to modify the circuit board and schematics to work with a large tube and it worked! The watch can be used as a torch in the dark, it is very convenient. There is a second dot in the lamp and it blinks! You can see that there is a black spot in the lower right corner inside the lamp. Getters installed in all VFD tubes. Getter supports the health of the lamp by absorbing gases. This way you can know that the lamp is tight by looking at the getter.  The watch saved all the cool stuff, such as animations, soft start, percentage of battery charge in the menu and the charge lamp under the tube.