BP-001 balancing robot

Balancing Robot DIY Personality Robot.

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BP-001 is a personal robot for who is hobbyist, programmer or engineer like robotics development can build by themselves. Two Reasons I have to start this project. One, Balancing Robot is basic to understand the robotics world and modern controls. And Once more, While personal robots been developed so lately but it no interact with humans well. I think the psychology of humans to keep it more interesting for users when the users build it by themselves and they keep develop it. So, This project I expect it can be a community personal robot developer to keep improve like robots in this project and more fun to develop it. Robots will be more fun when we build it.


  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 4 For prototype BP-001
  • 1 × Arudino UNO For prototype BP-001
  • 2 × Driver Stepper A4988 For prototype BP-001
  • 1 × Arduino Shield CNC Shield For prototype BP-001
  • 1 × Webcam Camera For prototype BP-001

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