Rotho is a manufacturer of household organizing boxes. Every box has an QR-Code so that this box and it's content can be added to the APPmyBOX App.
The QR Code is a simple URL consiting of the article number (e.g. 4229) and a serial number.
With this info it's easy to create own QR-Codes to add and organize your own boxes to the Rotho APPmyBOX App.


Box 70l, 54x37x43, Nr. 0436

ArtNr. 4229.096096 / Online: 14229

The QR-Code results in this link:


Target link:

Box Type: 4229 (article number without the leading "1")


Serial Number: (0436 - only the last 4 digits are used)


For the 10l-Box (36x26x14 cm) with the number 14048 the link with serial number 1337 looks like this:

Just copy and paste to a QR-Code Generator and scan the code with the APPmyBOX App.

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QR-Code Generator:

Rotho APPmyBOX: