Moving forward we want to redesign and add more features.

What planet-changing IoT project do you want to build? 

Fuel theft is a great problem here in Africa, where the sales representative does not give detailed accountability about how much fuel was sold, the problem is common in Africa unlike US or Europe where you pay with your credit card, but in Africa, someone will put the nozzle into the tank and they always don't give an accurate reading which could allow the owner of the fuel station to go bankrupt. check out my video interview about it

Which Cypress PSoC® 6 Dev Kit would you like to use for the project and why? (you can use multiple kits)

The PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit will do the job

How will you use AWS IoT or other cloud services in your project?

When the project was first developed, one of the main challenges is the data analytic and cloud automation, this is important to populate a graphical illustration of consumed fuel, track if anyone tampers with the dispenser unit

What is your experience level with embedded IoT design? 

I have over 10 years of working experience with IoT, I have been an experienced embedded engineer for a decade, they even call me internet of Tobi (Tobi is my name) :)