OFFBISAM - Standalone SAMD Bootloader Instalator

Automatic standalone bootloader instalator for bare Microchip SAMD microcontrollers

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SAMD chips are very cheap and powerful,
unfortunately against STM32 they are sold without any bootloader.

This simple gadget automatically install bootloader UF2/ BOSSAC compatible to detected chip.

- You can hold chip with finger on board or connect 5 wires to your freesh device
- Display is optional
- Main MCU is upgradable with new bootloader images bank
- Based on Free-DAP + edbg CMSIS-DAP

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John Loefler wrote 05/28/2020 at 23:32 point

Love it,  if it could be done for the Nano Every Board ----- SAMD11  and Atmega4809 ---- I would love to make a Nano Every Clone with easier solderable components.

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