Part number: RA30H1317M

Introduction: The RA30H1317M is among the SiRF(Silicon Radio Frequency) device family for power amplification, by design it is an Enhancement-Mode MOSFET Transistors produced by Mitsubishi electric, the electronic module has an  output power greater than 30-watt suitable for high power dissipation. The module works best as a non-linear FM modulation Module with a Broadband Frequency Range of 135-175-MHz range. 

Some Core parameters:

  • Mode of operation = Enhancement- Mode MOSFET Transistors (IDD  0, VDD = 12.5V , VGG = 0V)
  • Broadband Frequency Range: 135-175MHz
  • Output Power: 30W ηT > 40% @ VDD = 12.5V , VGG = 5V , Pin = 50mW
  • Electronic Module Size: 66 x 21 x 9.88 mm

The RA30H1317M is a five-pin electronic module namely: RF Input Pin, Gate Voltage (VGG) pin, Power Control pin, Drain Voltage (VDD) pin, RF Output pin (Pout), RF Ground (Case) pin


The RA30H1317M MOSFET is an important element in all embedded system design which is mostly used for radio communication network, power output control and fast on/off switching as per the designer requirement. Many electronic projects are developed using the RA30H1317M MOSFET such as Marine Radio, Telematics AMPS/GSM, Professional Mobile Radio (walkie talkie), and light intensity control. The RA30H1317M MOSFET is also a high voltage electronic device which offers significant features to circuit designers such as Voltage Regulator, and Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)