What is this project exactly?

What is it you ask? The main purpose of this project is obviously to be a clock. It probably won't do much more than that for the time being.

But not an ordinary clock though (duh!). There are two more unique things about this clock; firstly it will feature a six digit RGB LED seven-segment display, and secondly, the whole thing will be connected and constructed using brass wire (aka freeform).

But y tho?


Will it be difficult to build?

Holy hell it will, at least I think. The circuit itself isn't suuuper complex, but everything is connected to everything and there will be a lot of 'wires'. I'm going to use every one of the 19 GPIO on my microcontroller, as well as the 16 GPIO on the I/O expander breakout. It might take a while to get done satisfactorily neat.

What is the status of the project?

It's in the late planning and early building stages. I have all the components including the brass wire. I know how everything is going to work. I am going to make a full digital circuit diagram very soon, and I will put that here.

I think first I will make a to-scale visualization of the circuit in Fritzing (which is a piece of software I don't particularly like), because there I can have realistic SVG representations of all the components (including the breakout boards, either pre-made or generated from their eagle source files). This way I can pre-plan the exact layout and shape of the brass wire circuit before I make it.

It's school holidays now, so I will definitely make some good progress in this very soon!

The components can be found below, more pictures and circuit diagrams in the very near future!!!