The reason for community spread of the virus in many countries is because many citizens defy quarantine rules and tread out of quarantine centres thus putting the society to risk at large. Law enforcement personnel have to constantly stay on guard outside such quarantine centres but as the number of cases skyrockets this is not a viable option


I would make an alerter system that monitors the gates of a quarantine centre or home for quarantined persons leaving premises. In the event of a person moving out, law enforcement agencies are immediately alerted via notifications on an app that connects to the node through a webservice.


The node would be made of an PSoC 6 Pioneer kit that would run AWS FreeRTOS for true real-time updates and take input from Ultrasonic sensors placed at the gates of a quarantine home or centre. On being triggered the node sends an MQTT message over Wifi to AWS IoT Cloud. A webservice that sends notifications through a mobile application to concerned personnel seeks data from AWS DynamoDB. The webservice would be made on NodeRed and act as a storage for the count of such extrusions. This would help nab mischief-mongers in time so that society is safe.

A mobile app would also be made available to the law enforcement who would get instant push messages. AFter getting messages they can immediately take action and nab the spreader in time.



* WICED Studio

* Arduino Cloud

* NodeRed

* MIT App Inventor 2


* PSoC 6 Pioneer kit

* Ultrasonic sensor HCSR05

* Li-ion battery

* Buzzer

 Choice of Hardware

I went with the Pioneer kit instead of the Pioneer kit simply because the more memory the Prototyping kit offers is not needed in this simple application. Also, I found that I could use the screen to display useful information like environmental data or patient count. This would further help in management. In future if data needs to be logged I have many SD card modules with me

Who am I??

I am a Computer Science student and a MCU project enthusiast. I have many academic projects based on  ML and AI. IoT is a fairly new hobby of mine and I have made several Raspi and ESP32 based projects in the past.

I have special interest in electronic art and home automation. I also spend my time doing image processing and related AI stuff.