• Building the ALU

    Konstantin05/31/2020 at 18:21 1 comment

    In the beginning, there were prerequisites...

    6x 74HCT08 (AND Gate)

    3x 74HC32 (OR Gate)

    2x 74HCT04 (2x Hex inverters for a total of 12)

    Guess what these form..

    One. XOR Gate. (well twelve but its still yewsless)

                 How will this help us in our addition journey? Well, the outputs of all gates except OR will also be interfaced with buffers to feed back into registers A and B (XOR into A, AND/NAND into B, depending on opcode,) which when combined with shifting will allow for addition in a maximum of 13 steps (recursive XOR & left-shift AND when fed back into A,B becomes the sum in 2^bit width + 1 for some reason,) but can be reduced with conditional jumps (i.e. break loop if B=0; addition completed.)

    Once I build the registers, of course