GPS Finally Working...Again

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Eric WiiliamEric Wiiliam 06/03/2020 at 01:040 Comments

What I thought would be an easy GPS re-integration was anything but. I had this working fine in the past when I originally tested this code as the ResQ-Air version inside my plane but there have now  been changes in the ESP board libraries/software serial (seemingly to support ESP32) which broke all the functionality for me so that serial was impossible. 

Updating the GPS libraries and board defs )added to my repo as well for future ref) finally got it compiling but the pins 3 and 4 dont work directly for the D1 mini and need to be swapped for their true numbering of 0 and 2. Apparently I had forgotten this since last year...

The BN220 is working at 9600 baud (default it ships with) on the pins discussed. I put 2 example sketches in my GitHub repo so anyone else can test theirs too if they need to troubleshoot without the OLED and SD card. 

Now to integrate all the code together which I have never done before (with OLED).  If push comes to shove I can omit the OLED entirely and just log to SD only or slap on a bluetooth module and just connect that to serial to use your phone or tablet as the interface.  Handy. 

Winning :)