Air Unit Enclosure Added

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Air OR ground-based tools to detect people by using their existing cell phone signature

Eric WiiliamEric Wiiliam 07/13/2020 at 21:410 Comments

I needed to get the air unit sorted for the airborne hardware (the ground unit is a lot easier/simpler) so I decided to sort out the enclosure and test fit it this weekend. 

Here is the first test version inside the payload bay of the Nano Talon:

The CAD file originated from Thingiverse and the links are in my GitHub repo.  The Thingiverse customizer seems to be broken so I downloaded OpenScad and tried my own dimensions:

I was pretty amazed at how easy OpenScad was to work with (small files too). Opened up CURA and sliced/printed on my i3 Mega with no issues

All this will be included in the overview video coming soon.  I may need to resize the enclosure once I test the GPS unit (I really want try try to keep the GPS inside the case but probably need to run it to the top of the aircraft).