PCBs Have Landed

A project log for ResQ Search and Rescue Tools

Air and ground-based tools to detect people by using their existing cell phone signature

Eric WiiliamEric Wiiliam 08/07/2020 at 01:070 Comments

Well the PCBs have arrived in fine form from PCBWay.  Full disclosure- They support my YouTube videos by sponsoring orders like this (which is totally awesome). I placed the order like anyone else though and it was nothing special- just the $5 deal with black boards selected.  I have purchased boards from them several times and always found them to be excellent.

Since I will have plenty of spare boards I can definitely try to give a bunch of these away to anyone who wants one to build this project themselves. I put them up on my store at a price just to cover postage:

From Canada postage is expensive but I'll try to help people out..  You can always just have them made for 5 bucks at any board house but if you want one of mine go ahead. 

Thanks to Brian Lough's awesome panelising YouTube video these came out great!  I got right to work assembling the first air unit prototype

I am a bit short on SD modules and GPS units so I was a bit worried but turns out- I seem to have routed them correctly.  Yay for luck. 

Since I have now decided to put the OLED in to the air unit as well as the ground I need to make a new enclosure design.  No problem that Fusion 360 and my 3D printer cant fix. 

I am putting the GPS module inside the enclosure as well just to keep things clean. It can be routed outside if needed but I think in most cases it should be just fine.  These BN220s get a GPS fix even in my basement at times so it should be fine in most orientations on any aircraft.